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Metworld Trading DMCC, Dubai
Metworld Trading DMCC is four decades old well-established metal recycling company serving the purpose of bridging the gab between scrap dealers, recyclers and processors. Catering to the increasing demand for recyclable ferrous and nonferrous scrap we are known for our commercial dealings with over 40 countries. We are dedicated to serving our clients on the international platform and at the same time ensure that the needs of our customers are met as per the changing business environment. Armed with our state-of-the-art processes and solutions we are completely focussed on metal recycling as per the global standards.

Our Vision

We at Metworld Trading DMCC Dubai is armed with a vision to provide eco-friendly solutions to our customers related to non-ferrous and ferrous metal recycling. Dedicated to the industry ever since four decades we are apt at leveraging advance technologies of recycling we have gained expertise to provide the best services to our clients on national and global level. Our vision is all about providing advanced and environmentally sustainable recycling solutions.

Client Oriented Approach

Backed up with decades of experience we are well aware about the current market scenario that enables us in utilising innovative approach.
Understanding the needs of our customers for reliable supply chain optimisation that involves efficient delivery, performance, inventory control, new technology and cost controls we provide it all. Our recycling solutions are beneficial to our clients as the applied technology at backend is time saving and cost-effective. Playing our part of handling all the essential operations related to cycling and the final product delivery our customers are able to better focus on their optimum efficiency.

With our disciplined and streamline approach we are capable of providing our clients with reactive supply chain management that involves procurement and finished product delivery. Our dedicated efforts and the modern infrastructure has ensured proven trusted client base and helped in nurturing long-term partnership. All this due to the maximum quality of our services and offerings with committed customer-centric approach in an eco-friendly manner.


Equipped with latest recycling technology we are capable of handling all kinds of metal recycling/recovery that is required on the client end.
Taking care of behind-the-scenes operations our dedicated staff is capable of handling loading, unloading, processed/moved and all kinds of operations to fulfil all metalworks needs.

Our competitive packages benefit our customers, while our incentives and employee benefits help in talent retention. This ensures that our staff is dedicated towards their line of work and at the same time we are armed with a talented team that takes care of all the operations efficiently.

Experienced staff ensures that the sorting, collection and other necessary process are taken care of with regard to ferrous metals and other such variety. We add value to the recycling process whether ferrous or non-ferrous metals by ensuring maximum recovery of iron.

Following are the two primary objectives of Metworld Trading DMCC Dubai:
• Providing metal recycling within and outside India as per the global standards of metal recycling.
• In-step with the latest technological development we are always up-to-date with our technical knowhow.